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Zhongshan City Xiaolan Town, Chong Hua electroacoustic equipment factory was founded in 1993 is located in the beautiful.......

NBN specializes in car audio, car subwoofer, car power amplifier, car horn and other supporting products......

The company was founded in 1993, with its own strength and continuous strict monitoring and improvement of the products, so that NBN products have been praised and approved by customers. The company has been developing and expanding, and NBN has become a famous brand, famous brand and enterprise. NBN products with distinct treble soft, accurate end is low tenor, strong bass and bass, strong and durable power, with high-quality customer service service and trusted by customers and pro lai. The company's products are sold not only to 28 provinces, cities and regions in the country, but also to 39 countries and regions in Asia, Europe, America and Africa.

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About us
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Zhongshan chuanghua electric appliance factory
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